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What does it mean to meet someone

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However, later in the same article, Beaudoin goes on to conclude: Gnawme Gnawme My instructors and colleagues describe it in a manner that calls for some level of empathy.

The phrase includes recognizing the unique challenges a client may experience. Also, whay phrase is often used when a social worker or therapist actively pursues a relationship with a client. The client often may not have insight or suffer from anosognosia.

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Basically, the client may develop a way to articulate their needs and the social work is present with the client throughout waht client's therapeutic process. I hope all of that made sense.

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It seems like the phrase has a very precise meaning for practitioners. I would argue that if a simpler term existed, it would be used. Marzia RAOBJ Grabba Dump Bear The President Zoe LaVerne Full Definitions of meet.

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Get Started. How will you meet expenses?

We met on the street. The board of directors will meet on Tuesday. The two lines meet to form an angle.

Verb Phrases meet withto come across; encounter: The visitors met with courtesy during their stay. I met with her an hour a day until we solved the problem.

See moot 1. Can be confused meat meet.