ShaniDev lines12072017COLORWATERMARKToymaker cover24082016_3FINALSIGsmallLordShaniSaturnine03042017pestilence and the broken lad03122016smalllaputa brew05022016_2SMALLanselmus and snakes09122016alteredmyden11march2014A banner for my web comicSimon the hunchbackold buttons from a comic book siteold buttons from a comic book siteSweeney kart

Tamino height chartRigoletto and GildaRigoletto and GildaRigoletto sketchespic for Lina Oct2014 pic for Eric Oct2014 dodopage04 monochrome monostatos14july2014 lord shani 5july2014 15wormsbloodbgtest21july2013 smooch22july2014


Monostatos by SquonkhunterDaughter of the NightThe bird catcher, ja?gulliver dump 7may2014 Rem flying22jan2014 Rigoletto Gilda glomp 29april2014 basilio and bartolo 27april2014 basilio dump 21march2014

Harold and Nia 17jan2014 jdandykamakau29april2014 sam and daron14sept2013 basil11nov2013 vishnu12aug2013 Zhuangzi9aug2012edited tengu5 shibookook22dec2013 hmsherselfmodelsheet rem and prof e copy 02Albaneze_Jasper 14Albaneze-Tree Man 16Albaneze-We Do Things Differently Here Picture 19


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