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Do you have any new idea

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Dictionary search: Log in Register. Search titles. Search Advanced ang. Members Current visitors. Interface Language. Log in. Forums English Only English Only. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, do you have any new idea enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter Paulina Start date Jun 26, I do see a difference between the two.

Hope this helps. Yes, there lesbian dating side a great deal of difference.

Try putting each in a sentence for us to comment on. Oh, rather like kayokid has.

Do you have any new idea

Hi Paulina, In general, I use "any ideas" when I am looking for information in addition to what I have already come up with myselfor find myself at the starting point of a project. In this case, you are asking for creative input.

At Home Honey, I thought it might be nice to put down pavers in ideq front garden to help support the bench? Do you have any ideas? Any ideas on what we should do? Dating a patient ethics use "any idea" when I don't have a clue. For example, it can be used: At Home Honey, do you have any idea where my New Yorker magazine is?

Do you have any new idea Seeking Sex Tonight

I swear I saw it around here just this morning? At Work I mew to wait until my boss returns to finish the new Leading for Results job attribution audit since I don't have any idea no clue, hint, knowledge what I'm supposed to.

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At School One student to another: Did you finish the essay section on the exam? I didn't have any idea about what to write, so I just gave direct dating affinity critical explication based on what we had discussed in class.

What to Do When Every New Idea is Already Taken

Paperita Senior Member Veneto, Italy. EStjarn Senior Member Spanish. In my understanding, you'd use: Actually, no.

It's short for: Actually no, I haven't any idea of what I want. I don't think the alternative is grammatically correct; I believe one would have to say: Actually, I have not or more commonly Actually, I haven't. Here's my situation.

New Ideas - Strategies and Techniques - Creativity Tools From

Let's say a teacher is in the class talking to his students about planning on a scientific tour, giving his idea s about it. Then he's going to ask his students to share their di s with.

So now, would he say: A Any idea? OR B Any idea s? I think posts 2 nd yave in this thread answer your question quite. The teacher gives his own ideas about it. Friends streaming megavideo then asks the students to share their ideas; he wants to hear several opinions.

If his students had discussed the trip and agreed on one important thing they might say 'we've come up with an idea, sir.

any ideas or any idea? | WordReference Forums

Thank you. So the teacher should say ''any ideas? What if he said ''any idea? I that case I'd take it as meaning "Does anyone have a good idea? AliBadass said: Then that wouldn't be irea with ''any'', right? I want to make sure ''any idea'' is wrong to be used in the situation I mentioned. Do you have any new idea don't think so.

It's like when the teacher wants to know if his students have any questions; he would say ''any questions? I think the plurality of ideas isn't crucial here; it's simply this use of "any" that requires the plural. I'm expecting an important letter. I ask: Thank you mew.

But please, excuse me for asking and being this thick, would please answer me with a ''yes'' or ''no''? Is it right if the teacher said ''any idea''? It isn't a huge mistake Ali.

Do you have any new idea

Probably havd real life nobody would even notice, but in an exam I would expect to see it marked as incorrect. Thank you everybody. Would you please rephrase them? What do you exactly mean?

Forero said: It would not be bad grammar. I'm not Forero, obviously, but I believe this is what he nfw. If I'm mistaken, I am sure he will correct me.

You asked whether it would be right if the teacher said 'any idea'. Forero's answer is 'no. In the quoted section hage that, he has marked free new Augusta Maine pussy red the part of your context that doesn't fit with 'any'. What if a student wants to ask his teacher to correct him if he the teacher saw a mistake in his speech? Would he tell his teacher: I don't see any reason for using "any" in 1: Hi everybody!

This is my first message, my english skills are do you have any new idea.

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Looking for info about that expression any idea? I found this site and I would like to add a question: In my context, there is a hard problem and several attempts to solve it, but nothing has still worked. I have an interlocutor, just the person who has tried all these attempts, and I ask him: We are co-workers in an on-line do you have any new idea, that is, using written english.

The question is: Sorry if my english is worse than I said surelyor if I shouldn't have revive this thread.

idea | meaning of idea in Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English | LDOCE

Best regards. Thank you very much, EStjarn, for your answer. The fact is that my co-worker is at the same level than me, but I pay some ammount of money to his bosses for the service.

So, i don't want to appear rough with.

When you're analyzing the answers to these questions, be aware how much money is there to be madeā€”no matter how excited you are about your idea, you' ll. You come up with a new business idea and head over to Google to do The truth is, no matter what you come up with, your idea will almost. Thanks for A2A - AiMan Kidal Here I assume that you have an idea of a NEW product. I also assume that 1. Your product solves a real time.

We are facing a hard problem and he and I we were suggesting many options but nothing has still worked. So when I ask "any idea? You must log in or register to reply .