Paula Albaneze is a freelance comic-book author, artist, and composer. She graduated from the University of Hawaii at Manoa with a double major in English and Animation. While she no longer animates, she Englishes quite often.

Paula taught Comic Book Art and Story Drafting to middle school students in Hawaii in an after school program. She planned her own classes and also taught Animation, Fashion, Sewing, and Acting.

Right now Paula is working on a series of projects:

  • Hoof Fellas

    An original web comic about the devil’s unemployed brother and his manservant Jekyll/Hyde as they search for the true meaning of cornbread.
    Hoof Fellas header

  • The Devil in Vienna

    A visual horror novel where you play as an 18th century servant to a demon-possessed Count. Some secrets are worth killing for. Concept art posted.

  • Tamino and the Magic Flute

    A graphic novel adaptation based on Mozart’s final opera. Announced on this site. Sneak peeks of finished pages on my Patreon.

  • Becoming Hyde

    A song cycle adaptation based on Robert Louis Stevenson’s The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, an emotional journey through song of Jekyll’s transformation into Hyde and all the consequences that follow. First song posted online; the rest are on Patreon or in progress.

  • Rathuni

    An original web comic, my oldest project, still in progress. Character art and plot snippets posted, used to prance under the name HMS Crock Doctor.

  • Grotesques of New Faro

    An original web comic that is simultaneously a sci-fi horror piece as well as a homosexual love story and tragedy. Original story unannounced, original character art posted.

Paula currently lives in Seattle, WA with her fiancee and collaborator Haile Baehr-Gutierrez.


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