Mary Bichner’s Autumn Concert & My Musical Premiere!

I’ve been composing for three years now (since late 2014) but never thought I’d have any of my work performed this soon.

Thanks to my good friend and fellow composer Mary Bichner, my work will be performed before a live audience as well as professionally recorded and videotaped as a cameo during her concert.

Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 5.52.16 PM
Photo by Meredith Nierman, digital art by Julie Miller, 2017

Mary Bichner is an extremely talented and award-winning composer. She had a concert earlier this year at Mt. St. Auburn Cemetery as part of her residency, premiering an original composition by Mali Sastri of Jaggery. Mary’s autumn concert will premiere my piece “Spiral” on Nov. 4th.

Select pieces from Mary’s spring and fall concerts can be downloaded here. It’s a delightful mix of Mozartian harmonies with a modern twist, both nostalgic and new. My favorite in particular is her sumptuous and melancholy Viola Concerto in G minor, which will be performed in this upcoming concert.

I am honored and excited to hear Mary sing my piece “Spiral,” which I showed to my $25+ patrons on my Patreon, albeit in MIDI format. The piece is a love song based on the two main characters from Junji Ito’s horrific masterpiece Uzumaki.

This past month Mary and I have been making corrections and adding specifications to my sheet music to avoid confusion in a short rehearsal period, and I am forever thankful for her patience. I’ve learned so much this past year through self exploration and Mary’s kindness in sharing her wisdom.

UPDATE: The finished piece can be viewed on the Completed Works page!


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