The Move to Seattle: A Love Story

Yes! I moved to Seattle! Here’s a brief update of what’s been happening over the past seven months:

The initial move to Seattle SUCKED. Moving SUCKS. Especially because you leave all your friends behind. But then:

  • I reconnected with a friend I hadn’t seen in ten years! Turns out Caity moved out to Seattle a few days later than we did. Last time Caity and I were seen physically in the same room together was when we were tossing peanut M&M’s against the wall to make a cracking sound, and telling all the other girls at Horizon’s Math & Science Summer Camp that we were “doing crack.” Rinnan was in on this, too. Don’t think you can hide, Rinnan.
  • Haile and I got a kitten! He’s a little black kitten who was born around the same time Haile and I moved out here. Getting him was a careful decision. Caity was like, “Let’s get a cat!” and we were like, “Okay!” Thankfully he is friends with our roommate’s cat Mr. Guy. The two sometimes snuggle together when they sleep.
    • Fun fact: Our roommate initially started as our Airbnb host, but we ended up liking each other so much, we stayed with her. Cheers to you, [name redacted to protect tender identities]! We’d be lost without you!
  • I started a song cycle! I have been learning Schubert’s Winterreise and Die Schöne Müllerin on the piano to take compositional notes. Like those painters who go to art museums to copy every stroke of a painting in order to learn about the original artist, or like a novelist who spends hours reading poetry, it often helps to learn to play some of the pieces by your favorite composers in order to draw inspiration into your own work. Thus Schubert has been my biggest guide in creating Becoming Hyde, a song cycle about Dr. Jekyll’s transformation and the harrowing consequences it bears. I will be posting these finished songs on my Patreon, and the main goal is to someday have it performed before a live audience.
  • I am reading the Harry Potter series for the first time. I am also growing my hair out. Updates like that can be seen on my Twitter.
  • I’m illustrating the cover of my friend’s novel! It’s a fantasy steampunk adventure with OPERA. Sneak peeks of what’s coming up can be found on her blog.
  • I created and am continuing my first online comic strip, Hoof Fellas, about a blue satyr who struggles to live up to the expectations of being the devil’s brother.
  • I was finally able to start drawing Tamino pages! I will unfortunately have to stockpile a year’s worth of pages, since they are taking me so long to produce, and I want to be able to update weekly. For sneak peeks on the finished pages and to help me produce them more quickly, visit my Patreon.
  • Haile and I are making a visual novel! That’s right, we’re making a GAME. A fantasy horror game. And you can DATE PEOPLE. Haile is writing because she is a phenomenal writer, and I will be doing all the art and music.

Much is happening, and much is coming up! Thanks for listening, all!

Much love,



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