Concerning Tamino

Alright, so the short version is I am postponing the Kickstarter for Tamino and the Magic Flute another year (estimated January 2016) for many reasons.
1) The project was started only seven months before the self-assigned due date, and five of those months were spent writing the script.
a. Why? Because I have always, ALWAYS given up on reading a comic with good art and a horrid story long before I have given up on reading a comic with a great story and horrid art.
b. Story is important. Everything else is painted lines.

2) That left two months for paneling and prepping some cool art to show in the KS video.
a. Preferably, I wanted to make the first two chapters (Overture & Chapter One: Child of Night) available to preview while the KS was up. This would allow people to get a sense of how I write and what direction I am taking this comic in.
b. This rushed timeline also allowed no time to correct any paneled page drafts I might have wished to improve. It’s pretty much excrete it out and keep going, which I don’t want to do, for the sake of readers and for the sake of personal standards.

3) There is also the possibility I am moving.
a. That’s right. From Hawaii to the Mainland. So a shoddy KS and setting up a job and living situation are too many things to juggle right now, and I would be cheating the integrity of this project if I did not give it the amount of attention it requires. I would be cheating my audience as well, and this is unforgivable, because you all have been incredibly encouraging.
sarastro concept

4) Though the first volume may take around two years to make, this extra prep will allow the second volume to only take a year.
a. I will be working on the final pages for the first volume of Tamino at the same time I am paneling and preparing the second. This also keeps the art uniform and within the same universe.
queen concept

I hope this decision does not upset anyone. I have spoken with my agent and she has confirmed that this is a wise move. I will be more apt to please with art, story, and the finished product if given another year to create.

Thank you all for being so supportive of my projects and for believing in my art. An artist is a sensitive creature, and before we can be strong enough to believe in ourselves, we must first rely on the belief of others. You have helped to make me strong, and I am confident in this project, thanks to you.

To another year of updates and concept art teasers!

Much love,

Paula (aka. Squonk)



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